Questions About Alternative Treatment For Depression

by alternative-medicine-remedies on September 23, 2011

Joseph asks…

can any one list any alternative treatments for treating my anxiety and depression?

does any one no any good herbs,or how to make there own medicine from plants or any good books on the subject, i have tried prescription drugs and they don’t work very well,i have smoked the devil weed and i feel as if it helps the best but many people argue with me on this manner, so i am trying any thing i can to enjoy life again, any good suggestions, i am open minded. i looked up this new prescription drug called wellbutrin, its supposed to be similar to cocaine, so i might try it even though i have never tried cocaine before i have heard it makes you feel good,and if it comes from a doctor it is safe right ha ha ha ha………..

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

This might sound weird but after many years of being both emotionally unstable and suffering regular and prolonged bouts of depression I had a food sensitivity test. Having eliminated the problematic foods I have discovered I am actually one of the most stable people I know, not at all given to mood swings or depression.

Also, I work as a colon hydrotherapist and I have noticed that every time someone comes to me who is depressed they are always the ones who drink no or very little water. Dehydration can make you depressed.

Maria asks…

CB1 and Cannabinoids on depression/anxiety?

I’d heard that marijuana can be a medicinal treatment of depression and anxiety. However, I am against the use of marijuana, therefore I’d looked up an alternative treatment and came across some vague info on CB1 meds. Can someone explain to me how they would work in place of such meds and zoloft and or cymbalta and what for does the medication come in?

Also, the article said it basically gives the euphoric feeling one would experience when under the influence of marijuana. Is this true and what other benefits/side effects would be expected?

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Marijuana is not a good treatment for anxiety and depression. The science has spoken.

It is good in the short term, but people who smoke a lot of weed become more anxious than normal and have more depression. NOT EVERYBODY, but a lot of them.

Prescription strength antidepressants and anti anxiety pills work better than weed and they don’t have the side effects of weed

William asks…

Acupuncture to treat depression/anxiety?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with acupuncture as a treatment for depression and/or social anxiety/phobia? I am currently on Zoloft but I would like to stop taking medication for the condition and use a natural alternative instead.
If it helps, this isn’t a one-time occurrence… I have been having major depressive episodes on and off for years now, playing with different medications to try and yield the best results.

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Acupuncture does work if the acupuncturist knows what they are doing. Actually there is an acupuncture technique without the needles, and you can learn and use this technique on yourself. This technique is called Emotional Freedom Technique, it eliminates many conditions, especially depression and anxiety. All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the bodies energy system, eliminate the disruption and the problem goes away. It also eliminates a subconscious problem you might have.

Happy Journeys.

Sandy asks…

I have SEVERE ocd and looking for alternative treatment?

So basically i’ve had OCD since i was about 9 years old. And over the years it got worse ( when i was about 11-13 it was the worst) and then once high school started i still had it like i continued rituals and stuff but it got less and less, and eventually it leveled off. Despite this i continually do rituals and get scary, saddening, depressing, heinous, horrible thoughts almost daily. Admitted, i don’t engage in rituals for hours together anymore, or even worry THAT much about stuff people say to me at school, or about what the current standing for my relationship with people is such as my parents or relatives or friends. But i still sometimes am haunted by sad thoughts, the thought of having to go off to college in a few months once senior year ends is enough to bring it on, ill be leaving my parents and sister and going off alone into the world and will have nobody ( at least in the beginning), also i’ve been pretty irritated at some people at school ( ‘m not exactly that popular) but my “friends” aren’t really who i thought they were. Most people can deal with these problems normally, well because the normal person doesn’t have ocd. But even if it fades it hits me a lot in pangs of guilt, depression , anxiety and so on. Sometimes i feel i have a disease, or im ugly, or someone i know is going to die, or my friends will ditch me at prom, or i will never be successful and sometimes these thoughts last for hours.

Okay so for the real reason i posted this question. Is there any alternative anyone can think of for battling ocd. It cannot be a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, shrink or any of those people. My parents simply will not allow it. It cannot be medication off the stores such as prozac, zoloft, etc, etc.

Despite all this the one thing i was considered doing (redoing actually) was to smoke marijuana (medical grade), would anyone thing this would have a good effect on me? I’ve smoked it about 3 times before, the first time i had a ball, the second i had a panic attack and the third i had fun again. So do you think smoking marijuana would help me out in any way?

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

It would definitely help your OCD. How were you feeling when you smoked it? Did you feel like it helped? If so, theres your answer.

David asks…

I took 5-HTP and now am very sick. Any insight? ?

I have been under a great deal of emotional duress for since the fall. I’ve been seeing a therapist and have an appt with an MD near the end of the month to explore possible prescription remedies for my problems.

I am experiencing all the classic symptoms of clinical depression and have been having quite intense panic attacks. Monday was quite bad….so bad that I was not able to really do my work. I found myself looking for alternative treatments for depression/anxiety and came across 5-HTP. I bought a bottle Monday night and took some then, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday followed Monday’s suit and I was a wreck most of the day. Then yesterday, Wednesday, I felt really good/positive, though it felt “fake” in some way. I’ve experienced some of the side effects of 5-HTP (upset stomach, dry mouth, insomnia).

Problem is, last night I could not sleep at all and became quite violently ill in the middle of the night. I’m still there and just called in sick to work.

i wonder if anyone can provide any insight into if the 5-HTP could have spurred on these severe flu-like symptoms. And also, since I took 5 tabs (100mg each) of 5-HTP since Monday, should I now stay away from any traditional flu medicine?

Thank you.

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Serotonin can react Very badly to any allergies you may have and can inter-react badly will a host of other drugs. If you take too much 5-HTP, you may develop a dangerous group of symptoms known as serotonin syndrome. This condition may cause hallucinations, difficulty walking, and muscle spasms. It is not known how best to treat a 5-HTP overdose so any treatment will typically involve supportive care, which consists of treating the symptoms that occur as a result of the overdose. If you think you have overdosed on 5-HTP, seek medical attention right away.

There is also the small possibility that you got a bad batch?
Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) is an incurable and sometimes fatal flu-like neurological condition that is believed to have been caused by ingestion of poorly produced L-tryptophan supplements.


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