Questions About Dangers Of Ritalin

by alternative-medicine-remedies on September 26, 2011

Sandy asks…

what are the side effects and dangers of ritalin?

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Reported side effects include difficulty sleeping, stomach aches, headaches, lack of hunger (leading to weight loss) and dry mouth. Less common side effects include palpitations, high blood pressure and pulse changes.

Richard asks…

What are some of the dangers in snorting pain pills & ritalin?

Are there any long term effects to the brain or liver? My friend has been battling with this addiction for a few years now. With all the stress and depression I’ve been under I decided to experiment. I like the way it makes me feel. It kinda numbs my brain and emotions. I know my problems are still going to be there when I come down, but I still enjoy doing it. I needed to know if I’m putting myself at risk for any long term damage.

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Your a drug addict…get help now!

George asks…

what are the effects of RITALIN?

I heard that it can be used as a recreational drug , so what are the effects of it and the dosage to achieve that effect ??

is there any dangers in using that drug ???

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Much like an amphetamine…makes you feel confident & loosens your inhibitions. The danger is there is a big comedown with tiredness & anxiety. Over usage can cause hallucinations & paranoia

Maria asks…

Will there be any side effects if I use Ritalin just a few times during the next week?

I’m working on a very time-consuming project, and my friend offered me some of his ritalin to help me keep focused. Are there any serious side effects or dangers of using it just a few times during the next week?

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Some people get jittery and it can cause insomnia. Otherwise, I’m not super familiar with this drug.

James asks…

what are the 17 adverse reations of Ritalin and why hasn’t it been black boxed when the FDA voted to do so?

I am concerned because the warnings are not made clear often enough to parents and children of the dangers. The US uses 90% of the world’s available Ritalin. Do the drug companies promote for profit?

alternative-medicine-remedies answers:

Methalphenadate is a very important drug many who take it wouldn’t be able to live there lives if it wasn’t available. I don’t know what you mean by black boxed but the reason why America uses 90% isn’t much of a head scratcher its a very big country that along with UK and Australia has lead the way in treating innatention and hyperactivity. Prescribed stimulants need to be monitored by the gp if not the specialist and I believe this is enforced by law. To add if your an adult taking any kind of medication then you need to do it responsibly and if your giving it to a child your are responsible for them and you need to monitor them and communicate.Common side affects are a loss of appetite, nausea, my dad works for a charity and he has never heard of anyone on ritalin who has had symptoms more severe than this, for some who have tourretes and tics it can either make the symptoms worse but it often improves them also.


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